Release your inner musician! Develop your own folk style! Allow your instrument to sing beautiful traditional tunes, weave fabulous harmonies with your co-musicians and groove together with infectious dance rhythms. This course explores the importance of developing an individual style in English folk music and equips you with the tools and skills to bring tunes to life your own way. Learn tunes by ear, explore them in detail through a series of exercises, and work in small groups to create mini masterpieces. Explore the continuum from variation to rewriting and composition through group and individual exercises covering phrasing, ornamentation, pulse, rhythm, tone, variation, harmony and accompaniment. A friendly and supportive environment to try all kind of new sounds! All instruments welcome, and we'll be working alongside the Finding your Voice in English Folk Song course so there will be the chance for collaboration. The course also includes a ticket to a concert by Laurel Swift and Hazel Askew on Tuesday 30 January.

Resident: £410 Non-Resident: £315 Code: 18/304