A gentle exploration of violin technique with Nic Fallowfield, first violin of the Tedesca Quartet. On this course he brings his experience and expertise to bear on recurring technical themes; how to be comfortable holding the instrument, how to develop a relaxed bow-hold, how to decide on a fingering, how to cross strings smoothly, how to play spiccato, how to change position with accuracy and confidence, the vexed question of vibrato and so on. Participants will be sent a few passages/short pieces to look at in advance of the course and these will be discussed and dissected on the day and will provide an opportunity to make music together. There will be time also for a ‘surgery’ in which players can ask advice on specific and personal technical difficulties. As always, this day course begins at 10am and finishes around 5pm with lunch and coffee breaks included.

Fee: £75 Code: 18/102