The Benslow International Recital Series hosts top quality professional musicians who bring world-class performances to Hertfordshire. The series is complemented by The Friends of Benslow Music's monthly Monday Afternoon Tea Concert series. All proceeds go towards Benslow Music's continued development.

  • Rosana Rolton, harp
    Rosana Rolton, harp
    Monday 9 May 2016, 3pm

    Rosana Rolton, harp

    Tickets £8 at the door only
  • Bingham Quartet
    Bingham Quartet
    Friday 27 May 2016, 8pm

    Shostakovich: String Quartet No 7 Op 108
    Steve Reich: Different Trains
    Shostakovich: String Quartet No 13 Op 138

    Tickets £12
    (free entry for 8-25 year olds is supported by the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust)
  • Raymond Burley, guitar
    Raymond Burley, guitar
    Saturday 11 June 2016, 8pm

    A programme of works for classical guitar by Scarlatti, Albeniz, Tansman, Barrios and Ayala

    Tickets £12
  • Gemma Kateb, piano
    Gemma Kateb, piano
    Monday 13 June 2016, 3pm

    Gemma Kateb, piano
  • London Klezmer Quartet
    London Klezmer Quartet
    Tuesday 14 June 2016, 8pm

    The LKQ brings you Klezmer at its most beguiling and seductive. The subtleties of the original tradition, combined with a kick-the-chairs-over ability to party.

    Tickets £12
  • Tedesca Quartet
    Tedesca Quartet
    Thursday 30 June 2016, 8pm

    Haydn: String Quartet Op 71 No 1
    Borodin: String Quartet No 2
    Mozart: String Quartet No 19 K465 'Dissonance'

    Tickets £12
    (free entry for 8-25 year olds is supported by the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust)
  • Rose Consort of Viols
    Rose Consort of Viols
    Tuesday 12 July 2016, 8pm

    Musical Tributes: Renaissance composers often paid homage to each other by reworking their material, or by commemorating their deaths. We explore these links, including music to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Cipriano de Rore

    Tickets £12
  • Night of Jazz
    Night of Jazz
    Thursday 21 July 2016, 8pm

    An evening of stunning improvisations and jazz standards, set in an informal jazz-club atmosphere.

    Tickets £12