Join acclaimed burlesque starlet Coeur De Plume on this weekend course for an introduction into burlesque basics and body confidence. The classes will focus on posture and stage presence, teaching you how to compose yourself, project movement and create a captivating performance from simple steps. Over the weekend you will be predominately working on the technicalities of classic burlesque but be encouraged to embrace your own style of movement within that. Coeur will show you how to make stocking, glove and robe removals look effortless and elegant, work with props and create a short routine to show off your new found skills. The course aims to help all attendees unleash their inner showgirl and feel confident about themselves. Classes are fun and laid back, you do not need to have come from a dance background to find enjoyment in this, all you need is to come along with a positive open mind and willingness to let go and have fun with this classic cabaret art.

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Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 17/230