Are you convinced that you could play/sing better but don’t know how to improve? Would you like to develop more confidence in performance? Do you experience pain or fatigue when you play/sing? Do you feel frustrated with your practice? This inclusive and explorative workshop aims to enhance your satisfaction and enjoyment in playing/singing, both physically and musically, to address causes of discomfort or pain, and to increase your effectiveness in practising. Through a series of mindful and gentle movement lessons, you will explore your posture and movement habits and develop pathways to easier, more pleasurable, fully integrated action. These movement lessons are playful and intriguing and will be experienced through both verbal instruction and via the tutors’ hands, if appropriate. Benefits include renewed vitality, integrated lightness of movement, improved breathing, increased awareness of how to use your body effortlessly, and a sense of fresh potential. There will be opportunities to experience this freedom, as it develops, whilst exploring your playing/singing in a relaxed setting. Experienced performers, teachers, and Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioners, Josephine and Yeu Meng are dedicated to improving all aspects of music making and performance.

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Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 17/231