To complement the baroque opera course, which will now take place in alternate years, we are pleased to revive the Benslow Baroque Oratorio course. We are looking to recruit a team of violins, violas, cellos, double basses, oboes and bassoons, as well as a chorus of singers to put together a concert performance to a public audience of Handel’s great oratorio Athalia in just four days. The solo roles will be auditioned early in 2017, details will be available nearer the time. Participants will arrive around 4pm on Monday 17 April and will depart after the 2pm public performance (at the Benslow Music campus) on Friday 21 April. We’ll be playing in period style at A=415 and on period instruments, but we also welcome string players on modern instruments with gut strings and baroque bows too.

Tutor website:

Resident: £490 Non-Resident: £385 Code: 17/401