Come and explore a variety of pieces with western and eastern influences, from Romani, Vlach and folk traditions. Beautiful melodies meet exotic elements and some rather harsh ornamentation; mostly based on major and minor keys and even time signatures, some, to our ears unusual pitches, harmonies and rhythmical elements will make the course an inspiring feast of music making. As the basic melodies are mostly simple, made virtuosic by embellishments and other additions, this course is suitable for mixed levels of playing. Pitched instruments (including pianists) from any background are welcome. The initial learning is mostly by ear, sheet music is available to aid learning and to jam through more music. Gundula Gruen is a classically trained violinist whose study and passion encompass Romani and folk music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She is travelling frequently through Eastern Europe and the Balkans, learning traditional music by ear from local musicians. Gundula is a performer of note, as well as an enthusiastic teacher and musical director. Her book with audio CD ‘Gypsy Music Collection, 65 pieces from Eastern Europe and the Balkans’ was published by Spartan Press.

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