Purpose and Objectives for Keeping Data

We collect data as a legitimate interest in order to aid us in providing best possible service to our clients, suppliers and contractors, in order:

TO establish contact, keep in touch with and maintain lists of Benslow Music Trust (BMT) members, course participants, tutors, performers, audiences, donors, and music lovers everywhere so far as this is fair and reasonable; to alert them of courses, concerts, events at BMT and to promote events elsewhere; to claim Gift Aid on donations where possible; to keep this information up to date

TO identify clients’ instrument/voice, standard, dietary requirements and other particular needs

TO retain such contact information as is necessary on staff members, suppliers and contractors

TO advise individuals at regular intervals that they may update and/or seek removal from such lists

WE will never share your information with other organisations without your express permission

Further Information

What information is collected?

Individuals’ contact details (name/address/phone/ email); detail of instrument/voice and standard; detail of bookings made including courses and concerts applied for and attended, payments made and due; Membership (and subscriptions); Gift Aid agreements; dietary requirements

Who collects it?

Staff members (data processors) on behalf of BMT (data controller)

How is it collected, and how stored?

From Members and those applying to attend courses and events; stored electronically on BMT database, server, Cloud (suitably encrypted), also on hard copy correspondence (stored securely)

Why collected, and how used?

To enable, and to provide clients with, efficient administration and communication of courses, concerts, meetings, events; to compile statistics as required; retained until removal requested

Who will information be shared with?

No one externally, except name/instrument/standard to contracted tutors to assist in course delivery, also names/addresses to printers to facilitate distribution of brochures only (retained for a strictly limited period), or as may be required by government, law enforcement agencies and tax authorities. We also use the marketing platform Mailchimp to store your email address to undertake our marketing activities 

What will be the effect of this on the individual concerned?  

The opportunity to remain in contact with BMT, to communicate and to receive up-to-date information about our activities   

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

No. Individuals have the right to view, update and to request removal of information at any time by contacting info@benslowmusic.org

What is a cookie?

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Why do we use cookies?

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Does this affect my privacy?

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What if I do not want to accept cookies?

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The cookies we use

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Session Cookies

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Updated December 2019