"Purcell’s extraordinary Tallent in all sorts of music is sufficiently known; but he was particularly admir’d for his Vocal, having a peculiar Genius to express the Energy of English Words” (Addison, 1706). In this brand new course we will be exploring the vast treasure trove of over 85 secular songs and over 150 stage songs that Purcell wrote during his glittering, if brief career. Participants are asked to bring two or three contrasting songs which will be coached in one-on-one and masterclass style sessions, as we consider how best we can energise our words, move passions and cause admiration in our 21st century audiences! Applications from baroque continuo players (harpsichord, cello and theorbo) are also warmly encouraged to work with continuo specialist Oliver-John, a member of the English Baroque Soloists. There will be an informal concert on the last day of the course.

Resident: £400 Non-Resident: £305 Code: 18/353