Join us for a fun weekend of 'bassoonerie'! Alongside rehearsing and performing a commissioned piece for bassoon ensemble for Remembrance Sunday at a local parish church, we will be developing ensemble and technical skills as we explore a wide variety of material. Some favourites of the solo repertoire will be featured and there will be an opportunity to rehearse these with piano. After being awarded the title 'Commonwealth Musician of the Year' Jean has had a varied freelance career playing with most of the UK major orchestras with a focus on teaching in recent years. Shelly is a member of the Philharmonia Orchestra with great experience in a wide variety of music education and outreach work. A more detailed outline of the course will be available in advance to allow time for preparation.

Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 18/20H


Commissioned piece available on request.

Provisional course programme:


8pm - Gentle entry to the weekend with rounds, ensemble play-through and general introduction of weekend plans. Shelly Organ will help those wanting to try making a reed have a go at starting one (to go to the next stage on Sunday). Any reed making tools participants may have would be very useful. If there are any special requests that would be useful before the curse starts but happy to try to accommodate suggestions brought along on Friday.


'Remembrance piece’ and ensemble work (1 hour).

Studies relating to different levels, grades 1-3,4-6, 7 and above (1 hour)

The tutors will bring the material with them. Nothing to be afraid of!


2pm - 4pm Solo pieces, free choice, bring your own pieces and any questions relating to them. We can give 20 mins individual time to each player. This is entirely optional.


World premiere of ‘A Little Prayer’ by Matthew Eden

Meet at 8.45am. Dress dark colours. Service starts at 10 am, so departure from Benslow Music at 9.30. Coffee break on this day will be at 11:15 at Benslow Music.