Robin Walter leads ukulele groups in Shaftesbury, Wimborne and Salisbury, teaching beginners from scratch ("with the patience of a saint") and challenging intermediate players to go beyond just strumming the usual songs. His sessions are inclusive and he arranges songs himself to suit players of all abilities and enable them to play together. This weekend workshop is designed for players who have got the basic skills and now want to broaden their playing. So we will be working particularly with Tablature (or 'Tab') to play tunes, add harmonies, explore fingerpicking and find new chord voicings. We will play different parts in an ensemble to make a more varied and dynamic piece of music. Robin has recently written "Song Arrangements for Ukulele Groups" with different parts written in Tab to suit players of different abilities. This weekend workshop will draw on some of the songs in this book and others. Robin's website gives some examples here The music we will play over the weekend includes classical, folk, jazz, pop and blues. We will also practise various strumming techniques and have a session on blues and improvisation. All the music is set for ukulele in standard C tuning with re-entrant (high) G on the 4th string. There are some parts with low G, so do bring them along; and there are even some parts for baritone, so they are welcome too. We are particularly keen to hear from bass players who wish to accompany the group for the weekend, whether that be bass ukulele, bass guitar or double bass.

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Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 18/20I