Now an established part of our programme, this course is designed to serve those musicians who seek their perfect musical partners. Nearer to the time we will be suggesting a few works to look at if you can before you arrive - just for purposes of familiarisation - and once we know who is coming we will draw up a timetable of hour-long sessions, guaranteeing that you will never play with the same combination of people twice. We can also accept one or two good pianists so that we can add perhaps the odd piano trio, quartet or quintet into the mix. Participants should be of an advanced standard with strong sight-reading skills in order to cope with the variety of repertoire we will be covering.

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Resident: £400 Non-Resident: £305 Code: 18/356



Haydn                String quartet in B flat  Op.55 no.3

Schumann          String quartet no.2 in F

Dvorak               String quartet in G  Op.106

Mendelssohn      Piano trio in d minor Op.49  (1st and 2nd movements)

Elgar                   Piano quintet

Fauré                  Piano quartet in c minor (first and last movements)