We are delighted to announce an enhanced bursary scheme for 2022-23 for anyone who can demonstrate their need for financial assistance to enable them to attend our courses.  

Bursaries normally cover up to 50% of the standard inclusive course fee; students in higher education can apply for 100% bursaries to attend a course, either as a soloist or as a complete ensemble. For example, a student string quartet can now apply to join any one of the quartet courses that are held throughout the year at Benslow.

All of the soloist places for our opera project will be covered by 100% bursaries, and similar bursaries are available for instrumental and vocal soloists on our other courses.

Course participants under 27 are entitled to a 25% discount on basic course fees and can apply for bursaries if required.

To find out more or apply, contact Peter Collyer, Peter.Collyer@benslowmusic.org 

Benslow Music Trust is extremely grateful to The Radcliffe Trust, the Gisela Graham foundation and The Christopher Laing Foundation for their generous support of the bursary scheme at Benslow

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