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What previous participants said...

"We both had a wonderful day playing Schubert’s A minor string quartet with the Tedesca string quartet. We hadn’t really known what to expect, and both had passages of music that might require a bit of “air-bow” or fakery! However, it was such a lovely non-intimidating experience that we needn’t have worried, and it was a fabulous way to get to know a piece of music. We were made to feel really welcome, and the day had plenty of breaks, coffee and lots of delicious cake!    

Everyone was very friendly and we all played as a group in a circle, with the string quartet playing amongst us, and in the middle. They gave generous insights to the music, technical tips, discussions on tempo, mood, articulation, bowing, tuning, including an excellent demonstration on how chord balance alters how we perceive tuning (in relation to octaves and thirds). Each movement was worked on separately, and at the end we did a full play through. The day was completed by a concert by the Tedesca Quartet of a Martinu quartet and then the Schubert, which was a perfect ending to a very fun day".  

Sue and Alice (age 16)

"Meeting my fellow string players was also a highlight, I made some new friends and discovered I might even be able to form my own local quartet which was unexpected! Special thanks has to be given to the Tedesca Quartet for leading such a fantastic day. I appreciated all the commentary surrounding the music and the open discussions about what we were playing, it really helped me understand how to bring the work to life". 

Elisa (cello)

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undefinedOxford Outreach

undefinedOxford Outreach

“Great day. Informative throughout, and enjoyed concert and Q and As to wrap it all up. Supportive tutors who drew out strengths of each delegate.”

“A fun day with a good mix of singing and instrumental activity. Supportive and creative learning environment.”

“Great fun! Fabulous day of immersing myself in the music! Tuition, encouragement, inspiration! I learned a lot!”

 “Inspiring and informative, and inclusive of all levels of ability in the group. Jon and Liz are superb tutors, encouraging and helping, with loads of material, gauged just right! A perfect balance of different and contrasting styles of folk music, giving the widest possible experience in the time available.”